Several years ago the Library Trustees identified deficiencies in the current Stowell building donated over 100 years ago. An Exploratory Committee was formed to evaluate the issues and create recommendations. During this time an offer was made by Colleen O’Neill to donate the vacant building formerly known as the Cornish General Store to be renovated and used as a new Library and Community Center. The Cornish Community Initiative supports this course of action and has offered to facilitate the property transfer as well as capital fundraising campaign and renovations. Warrant articles and agreements have been drafted to ensure there is no cost to the residents of Cornish for this process, and the CCI would gather the $2.5M+ required for the renovation and oversee that multi year process, at the conclusion of which the building is handed over to the town of Cornish. As of the March 2023 town meeting, Cornish voted to accept this project.

This page is designed as an information hub for the exploration and discussion of this plan and related impacts. Information will continue to reside here for historical reference as the project continues forward.

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Following the successful town vote on the Warrant Article this year, fundraising and construction will commence as a multi year project.

A Building Committee will be formed that includes representatives from the Library Trustees, Cornish Community Initiative, at least one Cornish citizen with experience in construction trades, and the architect.  Their scope will include refinement of the existing plan, solicitation and consideration of past and ongoing input from the community, and assurance of meeting all standards as specified in the warrant article. This Committee may be guided by a Clerk of the Works.

FAQ and Information

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Remind me, why are we talking about a new library?

What work has been done on the proposal so far?

Is it really the time for this type of project?

What are the next steps for this project?

What is the New Library Coalition?

Why was a Petitioned Warrant Article presented to the Cornish Selectboard for inclusion on the 2023 Town Warrant?

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